So I left the uk over 4 years ago when I was 23 with a flight to Bangkok and the plan to be back home in 12 months,

After 8 months in Australia I was ready to leave my 12 months of travelling and went down to Sydney 2 days early for my flight back on the 14th of March 2014, after meeting some mates and a few drinks during the annual Sydney Mardi gras I get a google reminder that my flight is in 2 hours…. “ohhh I arrive home on the 14th its not my flight on the 14th” and with that I down my beer and decide I have 4 months to find some farm work and get my second year.

4 years later and here I am after working for a major travel company visa complications have meant I have to leave the country, where am I going? Bali is closest, after that? who knows, Tune in a find out in the next episode of…..