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Big waves and Lazy days

The doctors house


No I haven’t had an accident, this was the end of the south coast in Madiah and the infamous doctors house, this is a kind of bar/ resteraunt on the beach run by 2 Aussies turned into a hostel with 18 beds, known to be really chilled and cool vibes, I was very keen to chill out for 2 days.

The next day hungover I couldn’t wait to chill out under the canopys… Unfortunately it was the saturday markets and there was 100+ people there with no where to sit.

I was there with Will I met from colours hostel, luckily he had been drinking all night and pretty much hadn’t moved from his spot in 18 hrs and much to the displeasment of everyone around he was streched over about 5 peoples worth of seating.

As it actually got into it and me and Hilma got seats it was actually decent with a bit of live music going on + cheap coctails.

Later that night the guys from the last Hostel Colours all turned up for the music with Ru, she was the owner and actually offered me back to help build tables and chairs for the rooms in exchange for accomodation, of course I said yes (and then spent the next day googling how to make tables).

Colours hostel


Heading back to Colours in Mirrissa, Hilma was just stopping as she had a flight that night and then Will ‘tagged along’ I think the quote was from Ru leaning over the balcony “why are you here? I have space for Jon but no space for you Will” Luckily/ unfortunately there was a bed in my room free, unfortunately Will was one of those most hated people you find travelling ‘the heavy snorer’.

The next few days I eased into the work making a few repairs and measurimg the wood with Ru to have the order put in, the rest of the time was beach chills as the beach near by was beautiful with big heavy waves.

The most hated man in the hostel


Another role I was given was ‘Noise control’ with Ru being from Colombo and not Marrissa the locals weren’t appreciative of her new business and found every reason to complain where possible, their main one was noise after 10pm, this made me the ‘baddy’ of the hostel, rather than control the music I decided to enforce an everyone out to the bar rule at 10pm as when people drink there is no controlling the noise.

The main issue was someone (Will) would have music on, so people would talk over the music, then said person wouldn’t be able to hear their music so turned it up…

All in all I was successful with the ‘british’ approach of rather than asking people to leave I would lean over there shoulder and wobble there beer can in a nod of you need to hurry up or yep you’re nearly done.

Thinking the night was a success I went to bed, then around 4am there was a droning noise, getting up to investigate as I opened my door there was the thud, thud, thud of music coming from the roof, I went up to find someones speaker (Will), so pulled it out the wall and took it back to the room with me (you’re supposed to be on my side mate not against me)

That also introduced the new “Fridge locked after 10pm rule.

Coral reefs and gritted teeth


On a better side when I was not building benches or turning Wills music down we were hitting up the local surf beaches.

Welligama is the wide surf beach where a lot of the guys from the hostel were doing lessons, although the waves were fun to mess around in they weren’t challenging enough for my self so Will suggested the Marrissa break where he had been surfing before.

The problem for me was this would be my first reef break, unlike a sand break where you fall off and might bump yourself a reef break is commonly further out in the ocean and if you fall here you fall on sharp coral and would get cut to pieces.

I was ready though so we went out for a surf, getting to the beach in the morning 5 of us set off, 2 begginers on the foamys and me Will and an aussie on the 7ft mini mals.

For the first hour I missed every wave as I kept missing the speed enough to catch the lip, one I grabbed but had Jeran on the foam board snake in front of me (don’t want to talk about it), there was one brilliant wave Will had called out only for him to decide it was so good he was having it himself (I did bring that up a lot).

Finally it was starting to get busy towards mid day so unoccupied waves were becoming rare, I saw my chance and paddled like fuck, the bigger wave ridding can only be described as standing on top of a 6ft skateboard ramp and looking straight down, except this ramp was made of water and moving very fast, feeling the wave meeting speed beneath me I pop upright onto the board and gave a big push on my front foot, me and the board drop down vertically about 3 ft before pulling back round and leveling with the wave, now travelling at cruising speed with the wave behind me I get lost in the moment and start to see the water getting shallower and shallower underneath the surface as the reef comes up to meet me, backwards starfish into the wave and it’s find your board before the next wave comes behind it and pulls you under and along the reef, paddle, paddle, paddle out the way to safety and I had done it, I had dropped my first big wave.

The next days consisted of the same, work around the hostel in the day, sunset surfs at night, drinking at the beach bars and Wills snoring.

Tune in next time as we Follow Jon along saying goodbye to Will and Ru while heading away from the beaches and up into the rainforests and mountains of Sri Lanka.


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