7 days in Malaysia



So I decided to follow everyones advise and head to Sri Lanka but was intercepted by Sara my friend from Australia and who I used to work with in the travel shops, she was in Kuala Lumpur and convinced me to jump off for 7 days.

I teamed up the flights so that we landed at the same time as I am so fed up with being ripped off by airport taxis.

We meet in the airport and unbale to get any Wifi for Uber we are approached and haggle a “Taxi” turns out this guy is just a student in a beat up old proton that hangs around the airport picking up fares, oh well it was cheaper than the taxis.

We check in to The Hotel China Inn right in the centre of China town (Sara wanted some luxury for one night). With it being in China town we were surrounded by all the Knock off shops but best of all the cheap street food which is amazing around there.

It started off well but after walking to the Petronas Towers we ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up in what can only be described as “The Ghetto” this consisted of lots of guys hanging out on street corners all staring at us, this was all good until they were staring out of windows and calling out, luckily we were just a few turns away from the main street again and a mistake we would only make once.

7 hour bus to Langkawi

The next day was exploring KL (in the day time) we went to check out Batu Caves which is a huge temple just outside the City. We pick up an American and a Canadian on the train, when we get there we walk towards the main temple and it’s actually something I read about years before coming travelling, a huge dehatie stands before 300 steps up to the cave / water temple. So that was nice that I had found it by accident.

The next day we were heading to Langkawi a duty free tropical island, cheap drinks and beaches? That a bit of me, so you can get a $30 7 hr bus from Kuala Lumpur to the harbour, a ferry across to the island and a taxi to the hostel… or as I found you could pay $50 and do a 50 minute flight, I decided to pay the extra $20 and not have a day of bus.



Well in true Jon fashion our “$50” plane was this small plane with 2 propellers on each side, definitely one of the more rocky plane journeys we had.


Teamed up with Dana the canadian we met on the train we arrived in Langkawi and stayed at Honey Badger hostel (the one you would of seen on my facebook that had the feel of a refugee camp) though it did have a lot of character with cows wandering around the hostel. As for the island not much to say other than the beach was incredible and you could buy a Litre of Smirnoff Vodka for $11.

The one day we did have a productive day we went to the Skybridge which is right on the mountain at the top of the island, the main highlight to this other than the 360 views was that Sara is terrified of heights and this was the steepest skyrail in the world, we did have to stop at the halfway point where she considered taking the 3 day hike through the jungle to get back.

Return to Kuala Lumpur Via Penang

After 4 days of doing absoultely nothing on the incredible island (and in no way is that a bad thing) we got a ferry down to the more metropolitan island of Penang, again opting for the china town location as you can pick up that cheap amd amazing street food right at your doorstep.

We avoided Tipsy Tiger which is the main hostel as it was kown to cutrently have bed bugs situation going on and checked into the much cheaper Angmoh hostel around the corner, dissapointed Dana was determined to see Tipsy tiger as it was so reccomended.

That night we decided to go there and just use the bar to party instead… but in true fashion again we got there at 11.04 and they locked the doors to the public at 11pm… Not to be deterred the dissapointed Dana devised a plan where we would hang around the back entrance pretending to smoke and wait for someone to open the door and let us in, it was a good plan and worked apart from the fact we awkwardly stood there for 20 minutes.

Hangover day


Disgusting hangover after the night before kicks in, Dana had left that morning (no chance I was doing a 5 hour bus journey in my state) and I was on my own, I managed to drag myself up enough to do at least a lap of the city with a lovely dutch girl where there is some quite incredible street art around. Then looking to grab the sunset and being the wrong side of the island we went up the huge skytower and 5 star resteraunt because you need a little luxury on hangover day.

With my flight booked to Sri Lanka I got on the (not so bad) 5 hour bus to Kuala Lumpur ready for my flight the next day.

Tune in next time as we Follow Jon Along to Sri Lanka and he realises where it actually is on the map (turns out it’s by India and not an island by Thailand).


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