Nusa Lembongan

So Gemma had left and Shane was off on his first tour group. I decided to check out a little island south of Bali called Nusa Lembongan with the idea of a nice hostel, peace and quiet and just reading a book.

The First day


I got a boat from mainland and checked into a homestay on the island Nyuh Gading homestay, the hostel was beautiful and the staff very friendly but after I had done a lap of town I came back and the only other person in the hostel that was not in a couple was a very reclusive german lad, so after some boring chat I headed to the beach for sunset, sat there looking at this incredible beach on an island with little to no people on it and it feels bad saying it I was bored, turns out “Quiet and chilled” doesn’t have a lot going for it when you’re a solo traveller.

So I went to an outdoor cinema and resteraunt on my ones…

Scooters and sightseeing

The next dayI checked out and headed for Lembongan hostel  “unfortunatly” they were full and I had to be upgraded to the private en suite but I was ok with it.

This had a lot more atmosphere and even some guys I met in Canguu, unfortunatly they were leaving but introduced me to some friends and teamed me up to rent a scooter for the day.

$7 gets you a days rental and yes I did ask for a helmet but got waved off saying they have none as there are no police on the island. With that off we went heading across the famous yellow bridge to a smaller island in the the north these mopeds were pretty much all terain as we were going up dirt tracks on the side of a mountain at one point, we hit up a few different view points but the main has to be the Blue lagoon which you can see in the photo above, the colour was amazing and the waves massive.

Day 3

This day we finished the other side of the north Island and grabbed some lunch, Shane had landed through his Mojo tour and I met up with him, I was looking for the surf on the island and he explained you had to take a boat out to the reef break, unlike a sand break where you fall off and get bumped here its reef so if you fall off you are sometimes cut so that was enough for me to not surf on the Island.

Met his tour group and we headed off to the north of the island where we had a fish BBQ with some locals, unfortunatly during this it decided to remind us it was wet season in indonesia and the heavens opened and a massive storm came in, of course we were all sat in the back of a flat bed truck with just a canvas covering the roof.

Final days of island life




This was one of the best days. I had been chasing Manta rays since I found out about them in Byron bay but every time I missed the season or they were seen the day before. I had come to this island with one purpose and that was to tick it off the bucket list.

We paid $30 and set off at 8am the water was choppy and the ride out bumpy but all good. When we arrived at Manta point the tour guide start flipping out, throwing the snorkel gear at us shouting Manta! Manta! Ive never met anyone so enthusiastic in my life what a legend. He screams for me to jump in (we realise later because it was a huge school and these guys are quick so they fly past and are gone so we didn’t want to miss our chance). I jump in and they are everywhere, they are huge and like I mentioned fast, in the video of the last set of Mantas before the “Manta selfie” part this huge guy comes towards me and I just look him in the eye like buddy you’re going to have to swim under me because I can’tswim under you and then at the last second he dives and I can feel him actually brush across my chest.

The video link is here: Jon Andrews Manta Ray snorkel

The next day it was cancelled and they day after that the group only saw one so we were so lucky.

Tune in next time as we Follow Jon Along as we refuse to go back to mainland Bali with the Aussies and head over to Malaysia to see Sara Johansson.



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