The Detox

So the boys had gone home and back to their nearest pharmacy. Where as all I could do was head to Ubud as it was known for its relaxed atmosphere and a bit more culture.



I Teamed up with a American/ Dutch girl Iris in the hostel and headed out to Kuta for my first Bali surf, again some  very dirty beaches and lots of people to one wave, would honestly reccomend skipping Kuta as its just Australians on tour.

So we headed out to Ubud to a hostel called Joker 2, 10 stars on  hostelworld.com 2 stars in real life. Arriving in the evening we just headed out to find some food, turns out its all yoga and vegan themed out there so I was way out my depth,  not even nice vegan but you know the in your face portentous vegan that you can feel the judgement as you order from the menu, I had a vegiterian burrito while the couple next to us (in full elephant pant attire) ordered some sort of thick green shot that they just sipped for 20 minutes.

Day 2


We were up and about and headed to the monkey forest that was near the hostel (probably the only bonus to the hostel) only 50,000 to get in which is good $5, it was prett cool with the forest and temples and as you can imagine people selling Bananas so that you can get your “sat on the shoulded reaching for banana selfie” highlights for me have to be those sneaky monkeys that have worked out how to open zips on bags and one that had worked out the sprinkler system and taps.

Day 3



It felt horrible being the other side of the travel desk as I was “that customer” and haggled with a travel shop but we got a good deal on a cycling day trip that takes you via a coffee plantation where you ca  try a “Cat poo chino”  a view of the active volcano which was cool as you could see the old lava streched for miles.

Then luckily it was the downhill cycle tour and we pretty much just flew down little roads and rice fields for about 2 hours stopping off at a local village/ honey farm.

Detox over, the arrival of Shane and Gemma


Headed to the west coast of Bali to Canggu which turned out to be a poor mans Byron Bay, all the same shops and resteraunts exept the streets were run down and the beach was a covered in plastic.

Epic to meet up with 2 legends from Byron bay, Shane I used to work with and and Gemma his ex housemate who chose the best decision to have a 3 day stop over to meet us.  Shane had begun work for Mojo Bali so I checked into the hostel to meet him unfortunatly for me there was only 2 other guys there and the rest of the hostel was just girls… great ratio. Daytime drinking insues as we wait for Gemma to arrive followed by a night at oldmans, check out followjonalong.com/bars-bitches-beers for the review.

Canguu day 2


With Shane doing his work at the hostel me and Gemma head out of Canguu up to the water temple when we are down on the beach there seems to be India on tour and everyone wanted a selfie with me and Gemma, after the 5th or 6th we made our escape, and headed under the temple for a blessing where you sip some water coming out the rock and get some rice put on your head, it being mid day and me being thirsty I take some heavy glugs of water… GOLDEN RULE OF ASIA: only drink water from the bottle, looking back I realise this is where I fucked up.

That night was some heavy food poisoning with some regular intervals to the bathroom and no sleep, unfortunatly the next day we were booked to go white water rafting.

Brown water rafting



So the next day on no sleep I man up and get myself out of bed, hoping to get some sleep on journey out there. It was a good day rafting and I held myself quiet well, would say its was maybe a grade 2 as nothing too heavy but I had to see what all my customers had been going on about from when I constantly had the “in Bali the rafting is only $30”. I think highlight of that day was probably on the half way break when we stoped at a little stall at the side of the river to get some water, my bottle was without me realising covered in ants and I had one bite my bottom lip, I looked at Gemma and said “I’ve just drunk a bottle of water with ants in, ones bit my lip and it’s swelling, also I’m holding my as cheeks together pretty hard right now, I think this is the lowest I’ve been in a while”.


Luckily I didn’t need to walk into the river to relieve myself and I soldiered on to the toilet, on the way back we had some free time in Ubud but the driver was nice enough to exchange that for a trip to the rice terraces and a coffee plantation, Gemma had a cat poo chino and I opted for a much more stomach friendly ginger tea.

In the next episode of Follow Jon along, I head off to Nusa Lembongan in search of some giant Manta rays.



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