The Boys are back in Bali

So After New Years we were on an absolute struggle.

Everyone (apart from Ryan) was on an absolute struggle but we were rallying hard to keep going as there were only a few days left. We had decided to just lose our deposit and not move into Gili Castle that had an awful ratio and just Aussie boys contantly on the sesh. So we moved into Broken Compass, where we were no longer in the 3 bed prison cell and could actually get a decent nights sleep.

Dive day and detox


I went out with the hostels dive centre Broken Compass Divers where we headed to a dive site in the north of the island. We did a drift dive as the currents were strong enough to just float you along.

Honestly its all pretty dead out there not much colour but a few cool creatures, there were tons of Giant Turtles, Moray eels, Cuttle fish and white tip reef shark. I had to grab a few plastic bags that came floating past in the current as the turtles see them as Jelly fish.


Detox Done!


2nd to last night on Gili T still not running on 100%, what better way to cure that than playing the card game Shit head where the bottom losers have to do a Joss Shot (15× the strength of red bull) (this resulted in Gav doing 4 in the space of 30 minutes).

With a much better ratio in this hostel we gathered up a few people for ring of fire.

… huge disgusting night insues, me and Chris last men standing he’s handing unwanted vodka redbulls at me and I find my chance to ghost off only to find him once again wandering the streets aimlessly hoping to trip over the hostel.

For the last night in Gili T Gavin was now fully broken by the 4 Joss shots in a row so opted for a daytime massage by the pool from a nice Swedish girl followed by a nap, all of us struggling attempted some ring of fire I could hardly finish a beer.

I managed half a drink in the first bar and that was me done knowing it was check out tomorrow and that disgusting ferry and taxi back to mainland.

Back to Bali


We managed to find Ryan around check out time, he had gone for a wander for sunrise.

2 hours of sleeping in the sauna that was the ferry and we were back to mainland,  getting hammered by every taxi driver on the mainland we find our bus and head for Kuta.

Mr. Bali has booked us into Captain goose a pretty average hostel with bunk beds so close you can reach over and high 5 the guy next to you. Bags dropped off, showered and toilet demolished we head to Skygarden  (full review on followjonalong.com/barsbitchesbeers)

You pay $15 for all you can eat and all you can drink for 3 hrs, the food was incredible and the place is huge. Sat in the middle of the night club we play cards as we all go for the mother off all rallys, Chris made it until about 9pm before he had to go back to the hostel for 30 minutes.

MOTHER OF ALL RALLYS! We manage to soldier through with broken bodies and were in for probably the best night so far, even dancing Chris was out throwing shapes off the bar, as for the girls it was all locals asking for money when you spoke to them.

Then 2am the wall hits us so hard no amount of vodka redbull would push us through it. We go downstairs and out and shock Mr. Bali has let us down again as the main room had been full of westrerners and girls the whole time.

Return to Capsule hostel


Horribly late to check out we drag ourselves up, once again Ryan refused to stay in our room as the bunks were to close together so slept on a Man City matress instead.

We get ourselves back the the worldie beds at Capsule in the freezing aircon. Mcdonalds definitely needed so we grab a 20 minute taxi to the nearest one and I check into a doctors to see if they can fix my “Bali Belly”.

A very uneventful night which wrote off poor Gav and had me and Monners playing ring of fire with a bottle of water.

Quote of the day we wake up to Chris shouting “oh god even me hands hurt”. Ryan going out the night before he decides to sleep all day, we have a pool day and Chris has a toilet day.

It’s our last night and with 0 in the tank we drag ourselves to Oldmans, the place is incredible with absolute babes everywhere but all we can do is just sit there and pretend to sip drinks or as Gav put it so well “all we can do is laugh and shit”.

A few people from the hotel arrive so me and Chris have one more push at negging a girl with a round face “like a bowling ball with 2 eye holes and a mouth, but thats not a bad thing because I like bowling”,

Are we going to the after party? Absolutely not its a taxi home where the driver was playing some absolute karaoke classics but Chris wanted him to stop singing and get him to a toilet.

In the next episode of follow Jon along ABSOLUTE DETOX get me to Ubud and the surf.


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