The Storm before the Calm


Thats it then I’m kicked out of Australia,
So I’ve got off the flight met the boys at the airport and hit the ground running,
I’d been in the airport less than 5 minutes before the locals are trying to get my money, “You have European passport?” “You want express?” Yeah that would be lovely “OK follow me you pay for express” Nahh you’re alright mate I’ll just wait.


So in the taxi “Mr Bali” (Ryan) haggles us a deal and we head out, with a beer stop for the road as its deadlock traffic, finally around 11pm we get to the hostel, check in and get the fuck out into the pissing rain as we walk to La Favela nightclub, cool little club with 3 main rooms, good mix of locals and westerns (full review in the side tab – bars, bitches and beers. Lots of bintangs later and its 5am lights on (me and Chris share an eventfull motorbike taxi home).


Bang on the door from Chris at 10am and I’m late for the shuttle /ferry to Gili T, round up my belonging, stinking, no shower and get in a cab for 2 hours that felt like 5 hours, pissing down with rain again and we get rammed onto the hottest ferry ever, people hanging through the windows trying to sell beers and snacks, Gav goes to buy a Coke for 20,000 (about $2) goes to haggle and Chris says its only $2 so he pays through the window and gets handed a Coke with 5,000 written on the side….


Night 1 Gili T
The place is rammed, people and horses every where as everyone piles off the different ferrys, we get to our hostel Gili Mansion which is this sick little hostel with a jumping platform into the pool.
Power nap and onto the drinks, a main drink out here is a vodka Joss, which is a packet of powder energy 5X the strength of red bull that you take with a shot, we head out to the bar to Suma Suma, again good mix of locals and westerners, the loclas being legends and partying just as hard, Chris sets himself up a 3 some but the boyfriend is having none of it, Gav is Squatting Ryan on his shouldeds and people are crowd surfing (badly), everyone goes there seperate ways and in bed for 2am.


New Years
Big breakfast needed, definite power nap and at 2pm the hostel down the road has a pool party on, Gili Castle was decent, huge climbing wall with a 2nd floor ledge drop into the pool.
Vodka Juss and bintangs in hand, pretty tame and awful ratio so just drinking and chilling around the pool, people watching the english being english and the Aussies being Aussies, grab some dinner and start the pre drinks.
We then hear about a big party going on at ‘my mates place hostel’ which was unreal, huge DJ set lots of vodka redbulls and decent vibe all round, slowly people make there way to the beach for fireworks and at that point I lost everyone, wandering the beach with locals trying to sell me dodgy fireworks and I come to terms that I’m spending New years on my ones when who pops up Chris and Gav. (We had fully lost Ryan by this point).
The streets and beach were packed with little DJ sets going off everywhere so we found an outside bar and just got fucked up with the locals.
Classic lost everyone again, I walk home about 2am and apparently Gav finds Chris smashed just aimlessly wandering the backstreets hoping he accidentally finds his way to the hostel.


Write off day…
As much water as you can drink, were all in an awfull way, the boys go and get horrifcally sunburnt at the beach, I take a walk to the sunset as I felt I had to be productive, we could all barely eat so went to bed at 10pm.


Tune in next time for the return journey and as I force myself to do something more productive than destroying my liver….


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