Everything I own in 15 kilos

One of the biggest questions is what do I take with me?
After 2 weeks in South east Asia my first time around there is A LOT I threw away as it was just over packing, going back again this is my set up, I like to think I’m a minimalist and there is a lot of space left in my bag.


2017-12-29 17.07.21.jpg

So in the picture I’ve split the items up as to help you see the different types of items.

From Blue clockwise:

  • The first are the trinkets and souvenirs I’ve collected along the way, they’re not necessary but I got Ghost and Goku from my Auntys little daughters at Christmas so they’ve stayed with me.
  • Next is the first aid kit, good to have and just hope its never needed to be opened.
  • The all importnat travel documents, all kept in a case and put deep in the bottom of my bag.
  • Hammock… its light and it makes the hangover days so much better.
  • Toiletries the best advise I can give is when I switched to thr bar of soap, small, cheap and if you have ever got to a hostel to fing shower gel exploded all over your bag you will understand, shampoo…. thats what the clippers are for.
  • Then onto my all important electronics, I’ve got the samsung tab that I use for all my flights, hotels, films, books, its mainly my media centre for flights and busses, the powerbank is an absolute must I dont know how I was going so long without it, Gopro for photos and Videos, although its not great for the scenic shots I have my S6 phone for that which has a cracking camera.
    The bluetooth speaker is always a winner for the beach chills when teamed up with Spotify premium as you can keep your songs offline.
  • And finally my miscellaneous bag, I’ve got my Gopro accesories, chargers, little tools and a torch.
    One thing missing in the photo and the absolute travel life saver is the 4 socket extension lead, this lets me charge everything with just one plug converter.

From Green Clockwise: (clothing)

  • Hoody and long chinos, just in case.
  • Beach towel and micro towel
  • 6 pairs of underwear + 3 socks
  • 4 Tshirts – probably too many
  • 4 swim  shorts, 1 nice shorts
  • 4 singlet (AUS)/ vest

So 15 kilos
Would highly reccomend not taking too much winter clothes, definitely get a 4 way extension and a powerbank, I always get the longest charging cable incase you are on a top bunk as there is nothing worse.


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